Series Rules & Guidelines


September 18       Kingdom Enduro – Q Burke Mountain Bike Park – East Burke, VT

October 2       King of the Mountain Enduro – Mountain Creek Bike Park – Vernon, NJ

October 23     OverMountain Enduro – Highland Mountain Bike Park – Northfield, NH

Full-face helmets are recommended but not required

Triple Crown Enduro Racer Categories:
Pro Open Male
Pro Open Female
Amateur 40+Men
Amateur 30-39 Men
Amateur 19-29 Men
Amateur 15-18 Men
Amateur Women
Kids 14 & Under

Triple Crown Enduro Series Prizing & Podiums:

Prizing will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each category
Cash prizing for pro open racers will be determined and posted by each individual event
Product prizing and medals will be provided to amateur class podium winners
Overall Series Prizing & Final Awards:
The top 3 overall series finishers in each category will be recognized and awarded at the series finals on Sunday October 23rd at Highland’s OverMountain Enduro Race.

A total of $3,500 in cash prizing will be distributed as follows:
Male Pro Open Overall    1st – $1,000 2nd –  $500 3rd – $250

Women Pro Open Overall 1st – $1,000 2nd –  $500 3rd – $250

Product Prizing will be provided to the top 3 amateur finishers in each category                            


Triple Crown Enduro Series Championship Guidelines:

The top 3 finishers by points will be recognized at the overall Triple Crown Enduro Series Championship

No minimum number of races needed to qualify for Series Championship Standings
All ties will be broken by placement in the Series final race
Any age may race in the Pro Open Class.
Racer’s age for amateur categories will be determined by their age on December 31, 2015
Women under the age of 19 may chose to race in the Amateur Women Category or their corresponding Amateur Men’s category
Triple Crown races will be scored using the points table provide within the document


2016 Triple Crown Enduro Series Racing Guidelines
Enduro mountain bike racing is designed to be the definitive test for the mountain biker. The focus of each event is on creating a great atmosphere, community, competition and adventure for the competitor. It’s a format that allows riders to compete against each other on individual Timed Stages that are designed to challenge the rider’s technical and physical abilities.

Timed Stages will be mostly downhill and will test the rider’s technical skills. Enduro courses will use the best trails and terrain available. Fun will be the focus for the courses. Timed stages may include some significant climbing.

For the un-timed transfer or uphill sections racers will pedal or use lifts. Lifts may ONLY be used for transfer when designated for that transfer stage. Each event will have unique rules regarding lift use. Racers will be disqualified for using a lift other than for a designated transfer stage.

Total time from all the timed sections added together will determine finishing order. Ties will be broken by the last timed stage. If still tied it will be broken by the next to last stage, and so until a winner is determined.

Course cutting by leaving the marked or obvious race trail will result in disqualification.

There will be category start times for the start of Section 1. Racers that miss their category start times will be allowed to start at the discretion of the starter. Racers may not start ahead of their category’s assigned start time. After the start of stage 1 racers may start at their leisure provided all Timed Stages are completed in the proper order. Once a racer starts a Timed Stage he may not restart that same Stage for any reason. No pre-riding of Timed Stages is allowed once the race has begun.

Racers will be notified at registration or at the riders meeting when each Timed Stage will close. Riders arriving after the stage has closed will not be allowed to start next stage and must return to the finish area. This will ensure the event finishes at a reasonable hour for all. Closing times will be generous enough to accommodate slower racers.

Racers being passed should yield when it is be safe to do so.

Helmets must be worn at all times on venues property while riding a bicycle
Only one bike may be used per event
Any age may race in the Pro open Class,
Racer’s age for amateur categories will be determined by their age on December 31, 2015
Women under the age of 19 may chose to race in the Amateur Women Category or their corresponding Amateur Men’s category
Racer’s must be entirely self sufficient. That means you carry or stash on mountain everything that you’ll need for the event including water, tools, food , tubes, etc…. Water stations may or may not be available depending on the event


Triple Crown Number Plates:
All Racers must use a 2016 Triple Crown Number Plate anytime they are on course including their race run and practice. Only Racers with Triple Crown Number Plates are allowed on the Race Course.

Modifications will/can result is disqualification. Lettering/Logos MUST be 100% Intact. NO CUTS!!

Racers MUST be present at the Series Final Award Ceremonies or at the Race Award Ceremony to Receive Awards and/or Cash Payouts! – Prizing will NOT be mailed


Please check with each resort for individual policies on spectators, pets, and outside food & beverage!





Finish Place Points
1 100
2 95
3 90
4 85
5 82
6 79
7 76
8 73
9 70
10 67
11 65
12 63
13 61
14 59
15 57
16 55
17 53
18 51
19 49
20 47
21 46
22 45
23 44
24 43
25 42
26 41
27 40
28 40
29+ 40